Times have changed, and much of our external security has disappeared

It’s time to adopt a much more responsible, proactive and entrepreneurial outlook on life

What if we could improve our well-being through responsible real estate investment in diversified and reliable assets?

At Homequity, we invest together to build our future

Made to measure products:

Homequity has the solutions for your peace of mind and your future

Homequity Now – short term

Homequity Future – long term

Looking for a sound investment?
Homequity Now is our investment product in new developments and remodeling of premium spaces.
For those who prefer to invest with retirement in mind, Homequity Future offers rental portfolios with long-term divestiture with two rental options: 15-20 years or 20-25 years.

Invest responsibly:

When investing in properties, we seek to maintain a balance between design, sustainability and comfort

Just like you, we worry about our surroundings and well-being. The current housing stock is old and inefficient. We invest in developing ecofriendly housing that reduces environmental impact while improving the quality of life of its occupants. We want our remodeling to have a positive impact, using sustainable materials and improving energy efficiency, all while creating a more comfortable living space.


Including real estate in your investment portfolio is key to profitability

90% of returns are determined by the type of assets in which we invest and only 10% of the returns yielded depend on specific values chosen or market timing.

Reaping the benefits from real estate investments has always been limited to large investors due to the barriers to entry for small and medium investors… until now.

Return on investment:

Real estate investment as the best option

Real estate Investment



Savings account
Rate of ReturnN*MM
Tangible AssetNMMM
Capital AccumulationNM*M

We invest together:

We aren’t intermediaries – we are a team, and we share your concerns

We founded Homequity because we were concerned about our future and the low return on investment of traditional products. So we looked for an optimal way to round out our retirement. We could have created a PFP (Participative Financing Platform), but really, what we wanted to do was create a community of people that shared our concerns, with whom we could invest together.


We use a Payment Institution authorized by the Bank of Spain to handle your money

We understand that trust is key when dealing with a new investment product. For your piece of mind, we use the Payment Entity LEMONWAY  to deposit your funds until each phase of the investment in a certain asset is confirmed. Lemonway is accredited in France with ID 16568 from 2012 and is recognized by the Bank of Spain as a Community Foreign Payment Entity operating in Spain. Homequity does not receive your money until financing of each phase for an asset is completed.

Unique opportunity:

Don’t miss the boat the second time around

The real estate bubble burst, and with it, the boom became a thing of the past. But today, we see a new opportunity on the horizon for small and medium savers to invest together where once it was restricted to large investors. Don’t miss the boat the second time around.